Khush Dilli Da Swag – Mista Baaz, Sharry Mann, Gurlej Akhtar New Punjabi song 2019


So Mista Baaz the producer has become Mista Baaz the singer. Khush Dilli Da Swag sees Mista Baaz firmly in charge among a strong line up of GurleJ Akhtar and Sharry Maan. Also, add to mix the one and only model Swaalina. We really are in our element here.

The catchphrase Khush Dilli Da Swag has been Mista Baaz’s calling card for a few years now. So it made sense for his debut single to be named that. The songs see’s a great cameo from Sharry Maan. His interlude into the track is seamless.  Gurlej Akhtar flows in and out of the song, Mista Baaz has ensured she sounds on point vocally. Mista Baaz, he knows his limitations and knows his lane. He has found a range where he is comfortable at and adheres to that throughout this song. If you like that commercial flow and sound of the Punjabi scene this will appeal. If you are after something strong and desi, then this is not for you.

Swaalina the star of recent jass Manak videos is the star of the video, her swagger and looks certainly have been missed. Check out the new release from Mista Baaz, Sharry Maan and Gurlej Akhtar here called Khush Dilli Da Swag:

Song: Khush Dilli Da Swag Singer: Mista Baaz, Sharry Maan, Gurlej Akhtar Music & Composition: Mista Baaz Lyrics: Narinder Talwara Female Intro Lyrics – Donnie Deep Video: True Makers Direction & Concept: Khushpal Singh & Dilsher Singh Female Model: Swaalina Online Review By DEX (Daily Entertainment Xpress).

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