Korala Maan Gurlej Akhtar – BAROOD DIL Latest Punjabi Song 2020


Every January Punjabi duets just seem to bang different. They peak early each year. Barood Dil by Korala Maan and Gurlej Akhtar is no different. This is one of those releases that had very little or no hype at all yet bangs on release. Music for Barood Dil is provided by Desi Crew and this works!

No hype, no pomp, Barood Dil by Korala Maan and Gurlej Akhtar (played by Mahi Sharma in the video) set the bar low when it came to expectations. As soon we pressed play though, this appealed. If you are a fan of duets this has all the key elements. Lyrically the song is strong, a solid hook line and the duet pairing work extremely well, Korala Maan himself has penned the words.

Desi Crew has dropped an impressive instrumental that suits both singers extremely well. The tempo is set perfect to ensure Korala is not totally outshone by Gurlej. A solid duet release that is one for our 2020 playlist for sure. Check out the video to Barood Dil a Team 7 release here: (If you prefer to stream the song, select your preferred platform here, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon)

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