Kranti – Bollywood Flashback


At first I thought it was due to my confused state as a child, angry, frustrated and still a virgin, I was young with issues, and to top it all of there was an underlying hate inbreed in me for what the Raj, did in India, sourcing the facts was not an issue for me, I was angry.

Then one Sunday afternoon, when my father loaded the top loader VHS player and inserted a film called Kranti, my anger was fuelled, but at the same time a love of a film soundtrack was born!

Not once does the film hide it’s patriotism and nationalism, in-fact its forced upon you, as you build a personal bond with each character and join their fight to unite the two Kranti’s for their push against the Raj.

You can read books about India in the 1800’s and you won’t find any of these events referred to, and why should they, this is what film industries do best.

Parveen Babi, delivers a sultry set of out fits that would not look out of place at a mujra in the heart of Lahore, marry that to a catfight with the one Hema Malini! testosterone levels are set to bursting point.

Add to that a battle of Charm (Sashi Kapoor) v Aggression (Manoj Kumar) that keeps you hooked and asking how two brothers from the same mother could be so different.

With the father figures of the film Dilip Kumar, Prem Chopra holding a sub plot battle that keeps you hooked and awaiting the fight of vengeance, but will Kareem Khan get there first?

Add to this possibly THE best ever soundtrack to come out of Bollywood!

I challenge you to find a soundtrack that delivers such quality in abundance, Zindagi Ki Na Toote, Ab Ke Baras, Chana and Mara Thumka are just four songs that even modern-day Bollywood fails to live up to.

So Sky Sports can run their mouths as much as they want, but that was and still is ranked as my Super Sunday


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