KS Makhan Aint Playing – This Is The Straight Talking We Needed


Love him or hate him KS Makhan couldn’t give a toss.  The Punjabi singer has been through turmoil when he was a Punjabi pop singer and then again once he became Sikh. So he is used to the things that Elly Mangat, Sidhu Moose Wala and Gurdas Maan are going through now. He is speaking from experience.

Contradiction, a lack of transparency and a whole host of issues are talked about by KS Makhan in his live video which is going viral with already over 188k views in just a few hours. Do you agree with him or not?

Check out the KS Makhan live video here and let us know if you agree or disagree: We do suggest you watch the whole thing, but if like skipping start at 11 minutes in.


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  1. Resl Sikh and proud on

    Cant take this guy serious , he was jailed for drug smuggling himself and contributed to the drug problem in punjab. I know people he took money off and still hasn’t paid back fighting his cases.
    Fuck all these RSS muppets , gurdas maan has been on the payroll for years getting people to believe in fake babe, his always been anti gumukh.
    People need to look at the bigger picture and they will see the hindu agenda they are pushing all over india.
    As for people standing with maan they are whitwashed daft fuckers themselves as he is referring to ALL punjabis when he is cursing and putting down the language our gurus gave us, there is a generation of coconut sikhs who dont know any better and still think we are a part of the bahaman religion through there parents being naive and following cunts like this.

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