KS Makhan Returns His Amrit – Blames Sikhi In-Fighting


KS Makhan Returns Amrit: The last few days and years have been a trying period for singer KS Makhan. A video released last in support of Gurdas Maan went viral and invited a whole host of comments from Punjabi’s across the globe. The one thing the video and its comments did highlight was the bitter in-fighting between Punjabi’s and how they view situations.

This among other things has led KS Makhan to return his Amrit. A decision he says he has not taken lightly but it is something he has had to do to bring himself some space to breathe. In-fighting among Sikhs, accusations labelled at him from other Sikhs and the daily finger pointing at him have culminated in this decision.

This decision will once again split the Sikh community some for some against his action, where do you stand?


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