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The Punjabi music scene in the UK is not what it once was, but after a few stagnant years it does seem as if more artists are active again, new talent, established acts and innovative DJ’s certainly are attempting to re-address the balance.

One new Derby based artist who is looking to forge himself a reputation in the Punjabi music industry is Ksxingh, and he has today released his new single – Rab Hogaya feat. Kaka Bhaniawala, so we thought it only right that we hook up with Ksxingh and see what he is about and his plans for the future.

Born and raised in Derby, Ksxingh is not very different to other next generation Punjabi’s who are raised in the UK. An exposure to different genres of western music entwined with the love of everything Punjabi has seen all those different aspects of his love of music shape his vision for his own music.

“I’ve been exposed to a lot of different genres of music such as Bhangra, Hip Hop, Grime and 2000s R&B at an early age which I’d like to think has influenced me and my music to this day. I always remember listening to Panjabi music such as Alaap, Bhindrakhia and Hans Raj Hans in my Dad’s car back in the day, so I tend to still listen to most of those, alongside the current UK Afro Bashment/Rap”.

“After discovering what a music producer is, I started noticing artists like Aman Hayer, Sukshinder Shinda, etc more often, listening out for certain sounds in their music which made them unique”.

Whilst discussing music with Ksxingh we touched on who is his main influence, the answer highlights what we stated at the start of the interview, the new generation may look at the likes of Aman Hayer and Shinda for musical nuances but it is more current artists that they seem to have a lot in common with.

“My main influence is definitely Manni Sandhu, I always thought those bedroom sessions were sick and I would always watch those over and over to try and see what sounds and programs he was using”

Manni Sandhu had his own unique way of making waves in the ‘scene’, do you feel that for you to get a foothold in the industry you would go down those routes to become a part of the scene?

To be honest, I wouldn’t consider myself apart of the ‘scene’ yet, so I don’t have a certain answer, but in my case, I started out making hip hop beats and uploading them onto SoundCloud many years ago. It was only when I started making Panjabi remixes that I started gaining popularity.

For other budding producers/artists is making mixes and that stuff at home expensive?

I realised that you seriously don’t need any fancy equipment. A laptop and a vision are honestly all you need and there are loads of free sounds online which you can use to get started to develop a sound.

One of the hardest things to do in the scene currently is to stand out, songs are being released by the hour and scene is not a very forgiving place for new artists, in the midst of that what to you think makes you standout and unique?

I’d like to think the style of my drums and my use of ‘airy’ sounds makes me unique, like I said before I was influenced by 2000s R&B which was known for it’s soft sounds with hard hitting drums, but I never knew of a Panjabi producer who did the same. So I’d like to think, that’s where I sit.

I am still developing my sound so you should be able to hear what makes me unique with my future releases.

Well it has been a pleasure catching up with you and before we go any information as to what we as music fans can expect from you in the near future?

I’ve already started experimenting with sounds for my next single which I hope I can get out soon if I find the right singer for it, but as a student, my priorities are definitely not music at the moment.

I am still trying to create ‘that’ sound so it may take some time. In the meantime, I’ll still be making mixes on SoundCloud. The best place to know if anything is coming, is on my Instagram @ksxingh.


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