LAARE Maninder Buttar Starring Sargun Mehta – New Punjabi Song 2019


Laare Maninder Buttar and B Praak: When music producer and composer B Praak does ballads he pulls on those heartstrings good. Laare from Maninder Buttar is no different, this may have a few in tears. It has everything you expect from a B PRaak and Maninder Buttar ballad. Oh, and as a bonus Punjabi actress, Sargun Mehta stars in the video and steals the whole show!

Maninder Buttar has recently lost his cool over a few issues regarding his song Lehenga. It was only yesterday that we printed a story about him calling out a producer for ripping him off. That aside, when Maninder Buttar sings he truly does impress because has a great voice for ballads and they do suit him best. Buttar has a real commercial pop artist feel to him and that works for his growing fanbase. Also it highlights that Punjab is not his sole concentration. South India seems to be enjoying the poppy soundings of Maninder so if he wants to grow, more songs like Laare will see him do that. Sargun Mehta in the video though. Talk about taking Maninders limelight.

Check out the new video to Laare by Maninder Buttar and B Praak here:

Maninder Buttars biggest song to date was called Sakhiyaan (released in October 2018). The song worked and was popular across Indian. This chilled-out (Sakhiyaan) commercial number was the breakthrough track for Maninder and was produced by MixSingh. If you enjoyed these two songs by Maninder then why not check out the White Hill Music page for songs of his.

Song credits, Laare is produced and composed by B Praak. The lyrics are by the popular Janni. White Hill Music has released the song and Sargun Mehta stars in the video. The review and article were by Daily Entertainment Xpress (DEX). 

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