Laith Khan & Atiq Rahman – Bungling Car Thieves Given Suspended Sentence!!


Bungling car thieves were caught when they removed the tracker device from a stolen Range Rover and left it in their own vehicle.

Laith Khan, 33, and Atiq Rahman, 31, both from Birmingham, took the car from a solicitor’s driveway but were themselves tracked by police who found them in a BMW just over two miles away.

The pair admitted stealing the £75,000 Range Rover and both received suspended prison sentences at Warwick Crown Court after surprised officers discovered them in their own car rather than the stolen vehicle.

The Range Rover was recovered 14 hours later in Solihull, after a resident noticed damage to its cowling and realised it had been stolen. The court heard the owner of the £75,000 Range Rover Evoque, a solicitor, had left it parked on the drive of his home in Wychwood Avenue, Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands, in January last year.

Shortly after midnight he was alerted by the tracker company that something was wrong. When he looked out of the window he realized it had gone, even though the key was still in the house – so the police were contacted.

The alert had come within minutes of the Range Rover being taken, and the tracker signal led the police to Berry Hall Lane, Solihull, just over two miles away. Rather than the Range Rover, the signal was coming from a BMW registered to Khan.

When the police stopped it and arrested the two men, they found the tracker, which had been removed from the Evoque, in the car. Also in the BMW, the officers discovered various pieces of equipment including a key programmer, Range Rover key fobs, and a single false number plate.

Damage to the Range Rover, which was found in Riverside Drive, Solihull, had been caused when the tracker was removed, and one number plate had been replaced.


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