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Lal Ghagra Good Newws: Sahara UK just keep raising that bar! Not contempt with gigging all over the world. The UK Bhangra band has is in 2019 also released songs in Pollywood and now are aiming to conquer Bollywood! Monday 16th December will see Sahara UK’s monster hit Lal Ghagra get a Bollywood release. The song will feature in the new film ‘Good Newws’.

The film stars Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh & Kiara Advani and is to be released on December 27th. Akshay Kumar announced the news of the release of the song Lal Ghagra via Instagram and that just led to an explosion of interest in Sahara UK. So we thought it only right that we got to the lads first!

Boy’s you kept this quite, how what and why? Some things just have to be kept quiet lol. Lal ghagra is a track Akshay has always been fond of for years. He has performed it at many events, so it was no surprise when he approached us to use it in his film Good Newws.

Wow, he approached you, that’s a big look. The song Lal Ghagra has been popular ever since its release and when we were approached, we thought, now is the right time for Lal Ghagra to go up another notch with Herbie Sahara and Neha Kakker singing the song for the new film.

At any point did you query Bollywood’s intentions with the song? We initially did have apprehensions, we didn’t want them to take the song and get some random singer to sing the song. It was important to us that everything was done right. We were assured that Herbie would sing the main hook line and chorus. That was key to us he had wrote the song and composed it. We wanted Lal Ghagra to have the same feel as the original. Neha Kakkar features on the track and she is a great addition to this variation on the original. We as Sahara UK love this new version and the fact they were involved highlights that Bhangra artists and Bollywood can work together when recreating huge Punjabi songs. Now we just can’t wait for people to hear it!

A huge thank you to Sahara UK for talking to us about this Lal Ghagra and these guys deserve all the success they are having. Talent, hard work & drive has seen Sahara UK take their music to levels people have only dreamt of! Congratulations lads!


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