Lanedarniye, New From Gurnam Bhullar (From The Movie Kurmaiyan)


First things first, the video to the new Gurnam Bhullar song took a bit of getting used to, watching Harjit Harman, yet seeing him sound like someone else, had us dazed, lol, but once we got over that and into the tune, well it is not a bad little track.

Gurnam Bhullar started the year with the song “Diamond” and has not looked back since, this adds to his great 2018, though the songs shelf life may well be tested. It is a filmi song, and like so many once the film is released the song will end up being lost with the rest of the soundtrack.

A decent track, but do not expect to remember it come November!

Check out the latest Punjabi song by Gurnam Bhullar on Lokdhun from the film Kurmaiyan here:


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