Latest Hindi Song, Bagavat, Jasmine Sandlas & Intense (Intense Talks Jasmine Sandlas)


Ladies are doing it for themselves! One of 2018’s leading Punjabi music artists Jasmine Sandlas has dropped her latest song, and contrary to what some where thinking, Bagavat is in Hindi and not Punjabi. This latest release from Jasmine Sandla’s has been produced by Intense music, and we caught up with Intense to talk Bagavat.

Daily Ent. Xpress: So, as an outsider looking in, we see Jasmine Sandlas as someone who knows what she wants, is she like that in the studio? And on this track Bagavat did you have free reign?

Intense: The studio is my domain, and it is where I am at my creative best, but when I work with most artists we have to have an agreement on how the track is sounding, so we all have an input, but don’t tell Jasmine, but usually I’ll try to have the final say 😂

Daily Ent Xpress: So how did this track come about?

Intense: Me and Jasmine have worked on a lot of things together, this track she recorded with me a couple years ago in Mumbai, but we felt now was the right time to release the track ‘Bagavat’, we hope everyone enjoys it, oh and get ready as 2019 is a busy year for Intense and Jasmine Sandlas, lot’s more music to come.

Thank you to Intense for taking time out to chat with us, and now check out the video to ‘Bagavat’ by Jasmine Sandlas and Intense here (Or listen to it on Spotify here)

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