Latest Punjabi Mix – Pardon My Pyaar By Oneness Shinda


The latest Punjabi mix “Pardon My Pyaar” by Oneness Shinda is just what you need on a Monday, it is  uplifting and it will get you through the day so we asked Shinda, why this track and what inspired it?

Oneness Shinda: “I was inspired by a few elements”

1 DJ Snake – My favourite producer, as you can here the melody is from ‘Let me love you’ which I slightly tweaked.
2. Jaz Dhami – My favourite vocalist whom I’ve been listening to since I was a kid. Makes some great music, his vocals fit on these kind of tracks. He’s versatile.
3. Yungen – A great upcoming rapper in the UK, loved his verse on ‘Bad’ by Steel Banglez. I then fused these 3 together along with Craig Davis to create something different. I hear a lot of the same kind of mixes. I wanted to put something new and fresh out there.
This was a lot of hardwork, took 3-4 months to create but in the end, I feel it was worth it. I do hope everyone enjoys the new mix.

Check out the latest Punjabi mix here “Pardon My Pyaar” here via Oneness Shinda


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