Latest Punjabi Song 2018 – Yaraane Mitran De – Bakshi Billa (feat. Spacey)


When a video hits the scene that features a ‘Desi Pub’ and god’s own town of Walsall, then you know that we are duty bound to give it a review.

The song is called ‘Yaraane Mitran De’ and features the raw vocals off Bakshi Billa, the music is by new producer Spacey and the project is via Khera Records, and if you like your Punjabi music to have that UK feel then this might just appease your taste buds.

Like we stated, the song has a very UK feel to it, from the elongated (for us) music pieces through to the drops it ticks a lot of UK Bhangra boxes. All in all the track delivers well, Billa on vocals, has you wondering why does he not do more as he certainly does deliver each time. Impressed with the production from Spacey, hope he has another single ready to drop.

Oh, and special mention to the New and Hen and Chickens for the fantastic looking grill in the video, Nai Reesa


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