Latest Punjabi Song 2019, Don’t Look, Karan Aujla, Music Jay Trak


Rehaan Records present their latest Punjabi song of 2019 ‘Don’t Look’ by Karan Aujla, the new Punjabi song has music by ‘Jay Trak’ and the lyrics for ‘Don’t Look’ are by Karan Aujla himself.

Now, this song is being played hard on the streets of Punjab already due to a ‘leaked’ version, and now that the original version is out we can only see ‘Dont’ Look’ getting bigger. ‘Karan Aujla’ is making 2019 his own, still riding high is the song ‘No Need’ and now ‘Don’t Look’ looks set to be bigger than that!

Latest Punjabi Song: Don’t Look
Singer: Karan Aujla
Producer: Jay Trak
Lyrics: Karan Aujla

On Repeat Scores:
1-5 Plays
5-10 Plays
10+ Plays


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