Latest Punjabi Song 2019 – German Gun, Amrit Maan & DJ Flow


Speed Records present their latest Punjabi song of 2019 ‘German Gun’ by Punjabi singer Amrit Maan. ‘German Gun’ also features DJ Flow on the vocals, the lyrics for the new Punjabi song are provided by Amrit Maan and the music is by DJ Flow himself.

Well this is surprising, Speed Records have decided to release the audio version of the song ‘German Gun’ by Amrit Maan and DJ Flow just a couple of days before the release, surprising as Speed normally do this the other way around.

The song ‘German Gun’ is one for those hardcore fans of Amrit Maan, it has all his hallmarks, a solid vocal delivery, clever lyrics and DJ Flow doing his thing, for us, this might be a grower, for his hardcore fans… it is already a hit.

Latest Punjabi Song:German Gun
Singer: Amrit Maan ft. DJ Flow
Producer: DJ Flow
Lyrics: Amrit Maan

On Repeat Scores:
1-5 Plays
5-10 Plays
10+ Plays


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