Latest Punjabi Song 2019, Ghaint Sardar, Yaar Bhangu


Well it does seem as if like we are in the midst of a switch to more desi tracks, or is that just because we are in Lohri season? Either way the latest Punjabi song from Royal Music Gang ‘Ghaint Sardar’ features singer Yaad Bhangu, the music is by Victor Kamboz and the lyrics are penned by Deep Sidhwan.

The track Ghaint Sardar starts with a nice tumbi build up and some great traditional images which build the excitement for the song, and musically the song does have a large amount going for it, Victor Kamboz has delivered well on that front. But, and we always have a but, vocally the song seems to much of a stretch for Yaar Bhangu, like we said the elements are all there inc. decent lyrics, but Yaar needed to bide his time as it seems he has released before peaking vocally.

Song – Ghaint Sardar
Sinder – Yaad Bhangu
Lyrics – Deep Sidhwan
Music – Victor Kamboz


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