Latest Punjabi Song 2019, Nature, B Jay Randhawa & Miss Pooja


2019 just like 2018 has started with a glut of duet songs, and the latest Punjabi song from Tob Gang is ‘Nature’ and features B Jay Randhawa alongside the one and only Miss Pooja, the music for the song is by Gupz Sehra and the lyrics are penned by Karan Aujla.

Remember when Miss Pooja had like 2 releases a day for a year? So many of her vocals at that time really did start to sound the same and this new song ‘Nature’ really does have that feel to it.  ‘Nature’ is just very laboured, vocally Miss Pooja is on point, lyrically the song works, it is just seems that the pace and feel of the song fail to maximise the track fully. B Jay Randhawa may well need to think again about dueting with singers who outshine him.

Song: Nature
Singers : B Jay Randhawa & Miss Pooja
Lyrics : Karan Aujla
Music : Gupz Sehra


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