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The latest Punjabi song from Juke Dock in 2019 is ‘Raje Jatt’, the new Punjabi song is sang by Punjabi singer ‘Ravneet’ and the music is by Desi Crew with Narinder Batth providing the lyrics for ‘Raje Jatt’.

Lots of hype on this track, one of Juke Dock biggest releases of 2019 so far ‘Raje Jatt’ has highs and lows, the production from Desi Crew is standard Desi Crew, Ravneet is not bad vocally, but it just fails to grab our imagination. The song just seems to have one tone all the way through and fails to gather any momentum, shame, but hey what do you think?

Song : Raje Jatt
Singer : Ravneet
Lyricist : Narinder Batth
Music : Desi Crew

Latest Punjabi Song 2019 – Raje Jatt – Ravneet – Desi Crew

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