Latest Punjabi Song – Ankhi, Tyson Sidhu & Kru172


Times Music present their latest Punjabi song ‘Ankhi’ by Punjabi singer ‘Tyson Sidhu’ the music for the new Punjabi song is by Kru172. Tyson Sidhu has also wrote the lyrics to this his latest song ‘Ankhi”.

Nazaare was the last Tyson Sidhu release and that also featured the production skills of Kru172, and hey, if something works why mess it! ‘Ankhi’ is very different to Nazaare, this has a more hard edged feel to it both vocally and in the production. The tune still works, but feel it may take longer to grab people’s attention than Nazaare did, a solid track that continues a great partnership between producers and singer.

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Song: Ankhi
Singer: Tyson Sidhu
Music: Kru172
Lyrics: Tyson Sidhu


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