Latest Punjabi Song, Bohemia Ft. Gurlez Akhtar, Gitta Bains – I Don’t Wanna Say That


Punjabi Pop/Duet: Well this is a Punjabi song that has floated around since April 2018, and only now has it got a video, the song is  “I don’t Wanna Say That”. Should it have been left without a video?

Gurlez Akhtar steals the show here hands down, but to be honest, I do not think that even she could save the track. Gitta Bains does nothing to impress on the track, even standing on top of a parked bus fails to win us over, and Bohemia, well he just confuses again, with a real pop type rap (bring back the real Bohemia please) that again adds nothing to the song. The track gets a big “no” from us.

Check out the latest Punjabi song from singer Gurlez Akhtar, Gitta Bains and rapper Bohemia here:


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