Latest Punjabi Song, Chaabi 2, Baljit Malwa, Pushpinder Kaur


Well Baljit Mawa it has been a while. Jass Records present their latest Punjabi song ‘Chaabi 2’ by Baljit Malwa and Pushpinder Kaur the music is provided by Danger Beats and the lyrics are by Jelly Manjitpuri.

We had high hopes for this, we really did, and the promo’s offered so much. Chabbi 2, is a duet and Baljit Malwa holds up his end of the bargain, with a decent and consistent vocal performance, the production is nice and desi and the lyrics from Jelly Manjitpuri are pretty bang on. But (always a but), Pushpinder Kaur makes the track awkward at times, her vocal performance will not be to everyone’s taste, and that will in-return see the track fail to bang as we expected.

Check out the latest Punjabi song ‘Chabbi 2’ by Baljit Malwa, Pushpinder Kaur on Jass Records here


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