Latest Punjabi Song – Check Phone, Roshan Prince, Music Tigerstyle


The latest song on the T-Series Apna Punjab label is ‘Check Phone’ the singer is Roshan Prince and the music is by Tigerstyle, lyrics for the song are by Preet Kanwal.

One thing that does not change about Tigerstyle, and we do not want it too, is the bottom end, no matter how different the production, the base and the bottom end of each track always stands out and ‘Check Phone’ is no different. The song highlights how diverse Tigerstyle can be, this is a Punjabi pop number with a happy go lucky feel, Roshan Prince delivers vocally, and this is on our playlist for sure!

Check out the latest Punjabi song ‘Check Phone’ by Roshan Prince and Tigerstyle here via T-Series Apna Punajb.


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