Latest Punjabi Song, Dilpreet Dhillon – Middle Finger, Music RAVI RBS


After yesterdays release ‘F**k off’ by Nav Dolorain, we now have another Punjabi song full of attitude via ‘Dilpreet Dhillon’, the latest song from Patiala shahi records is ‘Middle Finger’ the music is by Ravi RBS, the lyrics are by Jerry and Jerry also makes an appearance on the song ‘Middle Finger’.

Well it is supposed to be the season of good will, but no one has made these very angry young Punjabi singers aware of that. Middle Finger by Dilpreet Dhillon is another track that is trying to use the shock value, unfortunately the song loses itself in a web of machismo. It is a miss from us, but if you love the pomp first thing in the morning then, enjoy.

Middle Finger


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