Latest Punjabi Song, Expensive, Binnie Ranu feat. Karan Aujla


Rehaan Records presents its latest Punjabi song ‘Expensive’, the song features singer Binnie Ranu and a guest apperance from Karan Aujla. The music for the new Punjabi song ‘Expensive’ is by Youngstar Popboy’

If ever a song needed saving halfway through then ‘Expensive’ is the one. Binnie Ranu fails to engage us at any point during the song, and just as we were about to turn it off, Karan Aujla drops a few bars and saves the day. If it were not for those bars the song would have struggled to keep our attention, Karan Aujla saved the day.

Singer/Lyrics : Binnie Ranu
Feat : Karan Aujla
Producer : Sandeep Rehaan


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