Latest Punjabi Song From A-Kay – Sek Lain De (Video Inspired By Drake’s, God’s Plan)


Punjabi Pop: The Punjabi singer/songwriter A-kay is back with his latest song “Sek Lain De” on Speed Records and the video seems kinda familiar lol.

Firstly the track, it is nothing new or special, it is just very similar to so much else coming out from that stable at the moment. The production is clean and vocally well, A-Kay delivers as he always does, the video is the one thing that will be talked about, either for mocking a Hindu God with A-Kay replicating many heads or the fact he is trying to copy Drake’s God’s Plan.

The gesture is fantastic, but maybe A-Kay could have gone about delivering his message in a very different way?

Check out the latest Punjabi song by A-kay “Sek Lain De” here via Speed Records


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