Latest Punjabi Song From Akaal – November 2, Music Jassi X


November 2, is the latest Punjabi song from ‘Akaal’ via T-Series Apna Punjab, and is the follow up to the 2016 song ‘November’ the music and lyrics for the new song are provided by Jassi X.

Not sure if Akaal is a Sagittarius or Scorpio but, one thing is for sure though, he loves the month of November.

November 2, is the follow up to Akaals biggest hit to date, November and to be honest it as sounds pretty damn similar, the hook lines, the comedy, nothing set’s this apart from part 1. Also, having the month in the hook line, kind of narrows down the song’s shelf life.

For us, it’s added to the playlist but only for another 23 days!

Check out the latest Punjabi song from ‘Akaal’, ‘November 2’ via T-Series Apna Punjab here:


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