Latest Punjabi Song From Amrit Maan – Marji De Malak (Music Deep Jandu)


Punjabi Pop: Well, how many saw this coming, Amrit Maan alongside Deep Jandu with a filmi song that is pretty damn impressive as a standalone song – Marji De Malak, works.

If you like a chilled out Punjabi tune with a lazy reggae loop that see’s you float off into your own world, then this is one song you can’t ignore. Deep Jandu has worked his magic on the production, Amrit Maan drops a really clever vocal that grabs you from the start and drags you in the more the track goes on, you just end up enjoying the ride.

Check out the latest Punjabi song “Marji De Malak” from Amrit Maan and Deep Jandu from the forthcoming film Aate Di Chidi here:


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