Latest Punjabi Song From Balraj – Ishqbazian, Music G Guri


Punjabi Song (Ballad): Check-out this the latest Punjabi song ‘Ishqbazian’ sang by ‘Balraj’, music for this song is provided by G Guri. Lyrics to the song ‘Ishqbazian’ are provided by Jeet Singh.

Check out the latest Punjabi song from ‘Balraj’ – Ishqbazian here via T-Series Apna Punjab:

Review: Well if it is a good tear jerker you are after, one that is full of passion and drive, you may wish to look elsewhere, as this is not one of those songs, this just tries too hard. Balraj struggles to make an impact with his delivery and musically it is very mehhhh. Not for us, but what about you guys?


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