Latest Punjabi Song From Chetan – Umeedan


Punjabi Ballad/Love Song: “Umeedan” By “Chetan” is the latest Punjabi song to be released by the team at Geet MP3. The guys at Geet MP3 have had a good year to date, but does “Umeedan” by “Chetan” carry on the successful year?

The singer Chethan has had one hell of a push from other artists for this single from Ranjit Bawa, Jass Manak to Mankirt, but is the hype justified? Umeedan for us falls short, a ballad should grab you with power and passion or with silky flows that send you dreamy, this does not do that for us, but we know we will be in the minority to say that due to the support he has, but why don’t you guys make up your own minds…

Check out the latest Punjabi Song from Chetan, Umeedan via Geet MP3 here:


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