Latest Punjabi Song From David Sandhu – Gangster Jatt, Music Game Changerz


David Sandhu is a “Gangster Jatt” did you not know that? Well he has gone to great lengths to prove it to you in this his latest Punjabi song produced by Game Changerz.

Firstly: David Sandhu is so Gangster Jatt that he has decided to have a AK 47 shaved into his head, gangster?

Secondly: Shades, man looks gangster in them, pure kaim

Thirdly: No need to shoot shot those guys in the video 32 seconds in, they just snorted half a gram of rust and left the coke!

Fourth: The police officer with a Usain Bolt like sprint at 1m 32 seconds in, anyone who escapes from him has to be gangster!

Fifth, oh we give up just watch the video, otherwise we will be on number 100 lol.

Check out the latest Punjabi song from David Sandhu “Gangster Jatt” here:


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