Latest Punjabi Song From Dilbagh Singh – Waffle


Punjabi Pop: We as Punjabi’s must have passed a law without knowing? Saying we agree with a “No Filter” law when it comes to the lyrical content of songs. This song “Waffle” by Dilbag Singh really is next level. Let’s not sugar coat this!

Waffle, I mean come on, really, lyrically the song must have been wrote when the songwriter had just finished a free treat at the “Little Desert Shop” as why else would you pen it?

And Dilbag, did you only do the video to make the model (Simran Mishrikoti) squeamish? It seems she is not to keen on how close you get towards the end of the video, she is controlling your hands!

Check out the latest Punjabi song “Waffle” here by Dilbag Singh:


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