Latest Punjabi Song From Elly Mangat Feat. Amantej Hundal – Pinda Aale


Punjabi Pop: Elly Mangat, the man with a cult following has dropped his latest Punjabi song “Pinda Aale” feat. Amantej Hundal on Game Killerz Records.

Like we said, Elly Mangat has a cult following, in both Punjab and North America, the UK has not took to him, so no matter what we say about the track, those who want to listen to it will. The song offers nothing new from Elly Mangat, it possibly doesn’t hit the heights of his last two releases, but will satisfy his fans.

If you like Elly Mangat, then his is for you, if you are new to Elly check out his last two releases if this does not appeal.

Check out the latest Punjabi Song from Elly Mangat “Pinda Aale” here via Game Killerz Records:


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