Latest Punjabi Song From Jasbir Thabal Feat. Rush Toor , Aaja Mahia Music By Harj Nagra


Punjabi Pop: Jasbir Thabal and Harj Nagra are back in tandem for this their latest Punjabi song “Aaja Mahia” which also features Rush Toor via E3UK.

The first time we came across Jasbir Thabal was when he was doing boliyan back in 2010/11 at Bhangra shows, he was a lot more aggressive in his style then, since then he has become much more subtle in his vocal delivery, and that is evident again here, very poppy.

The production has that Harj Nagra seal to it, technically correct and a layered sound, if you like your Punjabi music to have a dreamy poppy feel, then this deserves a listen. Personally, we would like to see Jasbir drop a boliyan style track as per his old Bhangra group days.

Check out the latest Punjabi song from Jasbir Thabal , Harj Nagra and Rush Toor “Aaja Mehia” via E3UK  here:


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