Latest Punjabi Song From Kulstarr Feat. Jaswinder Daghamia – Sardari


Bhangra: Jaswinder Daghamia is once again teaming up with fresh new UK talent for this latest Punjabi track called “Sardari” the UK producer making his debut is Kulstarr.

Jaswinder Daghamia needs no introduction, especially to UK music fans, but Kulstarr? Well if you are a regular reader of this site you may remember him from previous remixes we have featured of his, but this is his debut as a producer, and you know what, it is a pretty decent debut!

The track Sardari has a great desi feel to it, the song features a couple of clever interludes within it, that do make it feel more authentically Punjabi. All in all a great debut track, and if you like it desi? Then turn it up and play it loud.

Check out the latest Punjabi song from Kulstarr and Jaswinder Daghamia “Sardari” here via Playback Records:


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