Latest Punjabi Song From Kulwinder Virk – Carbine, Music Intense


Punjabi Pop: “Intense” is on production and “Kulwinder Virk” is the vocalist for this the latest Punjabi song from the Royal Music Gang team “Carbine”

Boys and their toys, damn! Firstly the production from Intense is as on point as normal, but the rest of the song really does leave us scratching our heads, It really is farcical. The video is more like a war game, the amount of Armour on display is a joke, nothing other than the production works for us on this, vocally “Kulwinder Virk” lacks a spark and the song never gets going. It is a no from us, but what do you guys think?

Check out the latest Punjabi song from Kulwinder Virk and Intense “Carbine” here via Royal Music Gang:


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