Latest Punjabi Song From Money Aujla, Miss Neelam – Khalaraa


Punjabi Duet: Money Aujla, he loves flitting in and out of the scene and “Khalaraa” is his latest Punjabi song alongside Miss Neelam on T-Series Apna Punjab.

Money Aujla is a great guy, and someone who is fun to be around, he has tried to emphasize that point in the video to “Khalaraa” it is lively, energetic with a hint of humour. Miss Neelam has also tried to add an element of fun to the track, does it work?

For us, the duet category is one of the toughest to stand out in, and we are not sure if this track will have the legs to stay at the fore of peoples minds as other releases come out, but that’s our opinion what is yours?

Check out the latest Punjabi song from Money Aujla, Miss Neelam “Khalaraa” on T-Series Apna Punjab here:


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