Latest Punjabi Song From Nachhatar Gill – Sharabi Akh


Bhangra: Nachhatar Gill is back on Finetouch Music for this his latest Punjabi release “Sharabi Akh” and he sounds pretty sharp TBH.

Sharabi Akh, has been doing the rounds for 11 years, the song has been sang at live shows and even released as a remix, finally Finetouch have had it remastered and gave it an official release, and damn, how good does Nachhatar Gill sound.

The production is straight up traditional, and it works. Sharabi Akh won’t be an anthem or a monster hit, but what it does do is remind us of Mr Gill in his vocal peak.

Check out the latest Punjabi song from Nachhatar Gill – Sharabi Akh here via Finetouch Music:


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