Latest Punjabi Song From Naman Dhillon- Girlfriend, Music Deep Jandu, Lyrics Amrit Maan


Punjabi Pop: “Girlfriend” is the latest Punjabi song from the Royal Music Gang label, and Naman Dhillion certainly has added some heavyweight support to the track with music by “Deep Jandu” and the song lyrics by “Amrit Maan”.

Weird thing is, when Amrit Maan writes for others, you just get the sense it was something he wrote for himself first and foremost, so when others attempt to then try and pull it off, it just does not feel quite right.  Musically “Deep Jandu” provides an instrumental for “Naman Dhillon” to perform on, so the elements are present, but Naman just struggles with this we feel.

It is very similar to lots of other songs out, and a lack of a wow factor really does not sell the track to us, but what do you think?

Check out the latest Punjabi Song ” Girlfriend” from “Naman Dhillon” feat. “Deep Jandu” and “Amrit Maan” here via Royal Music Gang:


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