Latest Punjabi Song From Pav Dharia & Raxstar, Rokitbeats – Roti


Oh Pav Dharia, we stand and applaud you, what a great song and video,  we have not stopped smiling all morning listening to your latest Punjabi song “Roti”.

The story behind the track is (Video of Pav meeting the “Roti” lady and her family) known by all, and if this song is half as successful as the viral video, then Pav has another hit on his hands, love how the family is so much a part of this whole project. It would have been so easy for Pav to use other people, but the fact he hasn’t is credit to him and those involved.

Check out the latest Punjabi track “Roti” from Pav Dharia & Raxstar, Rokitbeats in full here:


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