Latest Punjabi Song from Preet Hundal, Jasmine Sandlas – Whiskey Di Botal


Speed Records latest Punjabi song is “Whiskey Di Botal” and features Preet Hundal and Jasmine Sandlas, the music for “Whiskey Di Botal” is provided by Preet himself as are the lyrics.

Now, how many times have we banged on about getting duets right, no one party should outshine the other right? Well Preet Hundal, I’m sorry to say is left in the shadows big time. Jasmine Sandlas out performs him vocally that hard, it actually becomes awkward to listen to.

Jasmine Sandlas is on fire and this track will add to her street cred as her vocal performance is as good as ever, Preet on the other hand, solo is the way forward.

Check out the latest Punjabi song “Whiskey Di Botal” by Preet Hundal, Jasmine Sandlas via Speed Records


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