Latest Punjabi Song From Rammy Gill & Vadda Grewal – High Thought, Music Game Changerz


Punjabi Song (Pop): Check-out this the latest Punjabi song ‘High Thought’ sang by ‘Rammy Gill’ and ‘Vadda Grewal’ music for this song is provided by ‘Game Changerz’. Lyrics  to the song ‘High Thought’ are provided by Vadda Grewal.

Check out the latest Punjabi song from Rammy Gill, Vadda Grewal “High Thought” here via Geet MP3:

Review: Vadda Grewal is a super talented writer and singer when he put’s his mind to it, but in-between his own tracks he really does have some off days, and this for us is one of those days. Vocally Rammy doesn’t sell himself well, and the production via Game Changerz just seems lacking. That is our call though, what do you think:


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