Latest Punjabi Song From Ranbir Daskai, Ghaint Look Sardar, Music By Sunil Kalyan


Punjabi Pop: The UK’s very own Ranbir Daskai has released his latest Punjabi song”Ghaint Look Sardar”  via T-Series Apna Punjab and it features UK producer Sunil Kalyan.

Firstly, the production from Sunil is on point, we would expect nothing less from such a talented musician, some very clever music pieces which keep you interested.

Ranbir Daksai has obviously tried to appeal to the Punjab based music fans with this track, and it might appeal to them, you can never tell. This single will not do a lot of damage in India, as it is the “season” so the song will get buried, but if Ranbir is serious about making an impression in Punjab, he needs a follow up single ASAP, waiting 2 months will not cut it, as he may just get buried by other releases.

Check out the latest Punjabi Song from Ranbir Daskai “Ghaint Look Sardar” feat. Sunil Kalyan here via T-Series Apna Punjab:


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