Latest Punjabi Song From Sidhu Moose Wala – BadFella Feat Harj Nagra With Video


The latest Punjabi song from Sidhu Moose Wala that we feature is “Bad Fella” produced by the multi-talented Harj Nagra.

Harj Nagra is the son of the famous “Bobby Nagra Wala” that you may have heard Jazzy B mention. We decided to touch base with Harj to get his views on the tune “Bad Fella”, and to also talk about the Canadian scene as a whole.

DailyEntXpress: Pbx is possibly the biggest album to come out of Canada (Punjabi) for a while
Is this a game changer?

Harj Nagra: This is a big album for the Punjabi music scene, especially coming out of Canada. As we speak I have not heard the album in full, but i’m excited to be part of it and to listen to it.

DailyEntXpress: How did you meet Sidhu Moosewala & how did the track come about

Harj Nagra: I met Sidhu Moosewala around last Christmas time through a mutual friend. He came to my studio, I played some beats and he started to pen some lyrics on the spot, we had to recorded it there and then, the tune was fire. That track is now “Bad Fella” which is on the album PBX 1. We shot the video about 2 weeks ago and it should be dropping late Oct early Nov time, and “Bad Fella” is not just a one off! Remember that, we got more coming.

DailyEntXpress: How vital for you, is it that Canada makes albums?

Harj Nagra: The Punjabi music market is being flooded with singles every other day, so its hard for artists to make albums. Albums are a lot of hard work, everything you have goes into making full albums, in the scene today people just want to listen to 2 3 songs with the videos.

The trend of singles is not going away, but me as a musician, I’m currently working on my own album, but dropping an EP first, to please everyone lol.

DailyEntXpress: Do you feel that this will grow your market, say in India and the UK, is that what you wanted?

Harj Nagra: I try not to market my music to any particular region, instead I always try and do what is best for me musically. I do have an international audience and I am influenced by International music. I feel my music has grown worldwide with each release, I’ve grown as an artist and I’m happy with how I have progressed since my first release.

DailyEntXpress: Define Harj Nagra’s approach to music

Harj Nagra: My approach to music is simple. Just get in the studio and go with the flow. Some songs come easy and some take longer. I can usually knock out a full song within a few hours or few days. It varies

DailyEntXpress: What makes you different to the other producers

Harj Nagra: Most people find a formula that works for them and stick to it because its working for them, and theirs nothing wrong with that. But I like to test out new sounds and in-turn test myself.
I’m always trying new things with every song I make, That’s why you’ll usually never find a song I’ve done that sounds similar to the last.

DailyEntXpress: What is next for Harj Nagra & what is next for the Canadian scene

Harj Nagra: The Canadian Punjabi music scene has been on the rise and lot of new artists and music are emerging.  That is real good to see, that element was missing a few years ago when the focus was on UK or India.

As for me, I’ve been busy in the studio working on new songs everyday with different artists and travelling between Canada, India & UK throughout the year. Lots of singles dropping and currently working on my album. Aside from music have been busy going through movie offers and shooting one in a few weeks in India.

From Harj Nagra, check out my track with Sidhu Moose Wala here from the album PBX! 


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