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So it’s the the final chapter in our look at the new Sidhu Moose Wala album PBX 1. This time we take a look at the new song Death Route, and once again we touch base with the producer of the track, the one and only Intense Music.

Intense is our boy, a great guy and someone who is different, he has his own style and you know what, it works, he is stacking hits like a poker player on a roll in Vegas, so it was great to catch up with him and talk music.

So, Death Route, how did that happen?

Intense: You know what? It was strange, Moose was in my ends and I managed to get a number for him from a friend, and every time I rang it, it was someone else, so I was pretty pissed. But, then the next day Sidhu called me up and I was like cool, lets hook up, so that how we first linked.

Did you ever find out, who you was calling instead of Sidhu lol.

Intense: Nah man, I threw that number away!

So was that the day you guys came out with Death Route?

Intense: When Sidhu got to the studio, we created “All about you” you know it was something different, every tune to that point was dope, and real gangsta, so when we changed it up, it took people by surprise, we worked on it that day and you know, it just clicked.

So Death Route?

Intense: Same process, in the studio, I hooked up a beat and Sidhu worked his magic, and here you go, hope you guys enjoy it man.

Lots of people from outside of Canada are looking at this album and saying show us what you got, what do you think of the scene in Canada at the moment, and where is it heading?

Intense: The scene is always changing, we got new acts coming through almost daily and that is healthy, and the scene is better for it. People just need to work on what they have to offer and stay fresh.
I think the scene is beginning to evolve you know, we started off with some straight up gangsta shit, guns violence,you name it we dropped it, but we had to get noticed in our own rights. Now, the scene is starting to evolve, songs are more varied, people have new concepts and it looks like the scene as a whole here in Canada is maturing, which can only be a good thing.

So how do you keep ahead of the game?

Intense: Intense does his own thing, I do what I feel is right for me, and trust me I’ve got a lot more coming to keep everyone entertained!

But in the meantime, check out my latest song with Sidhu Moose Wala from PBX 1 , Death Route! Hit Play!!!


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