Latest Punjabi Song From Sidhu Moose Wala – Jatt Da Muqabla (PBX) & Snappy Talks Sidhu


PBX is the album that has everyone talking, and this is the first installment of eight from Sidhu Moose Wala “Jatt Da Muqabla” featuring Snappy beats.

Rather than us talk about the tune, we went straight to our boy in Punjab – Snappy and got talking about this his latest official release his “Jatt Da Muqabla” which has been doing the rounds for some time, due to it being leaked.

DailyEntXpress: So Snappy, how did this track come about, you and Moose that is a big look!

Snappy: I met Sidhu Moose Wala through Navjot Singh, he is a friend of mine and he is Sidhu’s close friend and manager, that is how we got introduced, we clicked straight away, he had a great flow and he liked my beats, on a music level we hit it off straight away.

DailyEntXpress: So how did this particular tune come about?

Snappy: It was during Moose Wala’s Punjab tour earlier this year, we were in the car and I was playing beats to him, and we came across this one, he liked it, I liked what he had planned, so we went straight to the studio. The good thing for me is, Sidhu get’s hip hop like I do.

He is so passionate about Hip Hop, that really helped, as my passion is hip hop. My beats, my production all stem from that genre of music, so when I was in the studio with someone who felt the same way, things just worked!

DailyEntXpress: So you recorded the song, how the hell did it get leaked bro? And has that damaged the release?

Snappy: I was really disappointed when the song got leaked, we both have big teams, and the team involved in the project just seemed to grow and grow, it was then that song got out, I, like Sidhu was extremely upset about this getting leaked.

Song’s today seem to come and go so quick, this leak could have killed the song, In a way it has taken away a lot of the shine from the track.

I mean imagine if today was the first time people were going to hear “Jatt Da Muqabla”.

Today, the day of the release!! Wow man, the hype would be crazy, so we have lost that bit of a shine from the track, the video will add to it and the song will become official,so you know its cool, but imagine if it was the first time people were hearing it!

Anyway, whats happened has happened, from me Snappy beats – ENJOY THE OFFICIAL RELEASE & VIDEO OF “Jatt Da Maqabla” here via T-Series!!! TURN IT UP!


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