Latest Punjabi Song From Sippy Gill – Pyar Nahi Ghatda, Music Desi Routz


Punjabi Ballad: Sippy Gill’s latest Punjabi song “Pyar Nahi Ghatda” feat. Desi Routz is as dukhi as they come, Indian drama’s look kinda mild compared to this video.

The song itself, video aside, has all those dukhi dil tune elements, Desi Routz have provided strings and chords which create a perfect instrumental bed for a dreamy vocal delivery from Sippy Gill. This is a good song, and if you have the need to get all lovey today, then stick on “Pyar Nahi Ghatda” by Sippy Gill it will set you off on a journey of tears.

Check out the latest Punjabi Song from Sippy Gill & Desi Routz “Pyar Nahi Ghatda” here via T-Series Apna Punjab:


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