Latest Punjabi Song From Youngveer – Bhain Di Shikki, Music Desi Crew


Punjabi Pop: Do you like Punjabi comedy and music? Yes? Then “Bhain Di Shikki” the latest Punjabi song from Youngveer produced by Desi Crew is one track you need to check out.

Bhain Di Shikki, caused quite a stir when the promo dropped due to the songs title, I mean, he does use the phrase “Bhain Di” within it. If you take it in context of the track then you can see quite clearly it is not a swear or a cuss.

The song itself is a well produced lively number, Desi crew deliver as per normal and Youngveer, though not the best vocalist to hit the scene, does have something to him especially, when singing tracks like this.

Check out the latest Punjabi song by Youngveer and Desi Crew “Bhain Di Shikki” via Yellow Music here:


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