Latest Punjabi Song, GTR, Shabad feat. Himanshi Khurana


If you are the Punjabi singer ‘Shabad’ and you paid for Himanshi Khurana to feat. in your music video then wow are you getting a good return this week. Himanshii Khurana is all over the press and a benefactor of the hype – The latest Punjabi song by ‘Shabad’ called GTR.

The song ‘GTR’ abbreviation for GT Road has been released by Seven Music and the production is by Ikhwinder Singh. The songs chorus sounds very similar to Jordan Sandhu’s ‘Teje Week’ and you cant help but compare the two tracks when listening to this. Unfortunately for Shabad this might not live as long in the memory as ‘Teje Week’.

Song : GTR
Singer : Shabad
Lyrics : Jaskaran Riar
Music : Ikwinder Singh


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