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Geet Mp3 Present their latest Punjabi song release ‘Guns and Guts’ the song features Punjabi singer ‘Manpreet Sandhu’ and the music for the new Punjabi song ‘Guts and Guns’ is by ‘B Sanj’, and the song’s lyrics are by Nish Kang. .

Where do you start with this? Manpreet Sandhu vocally is the highlight of the song ‘Guns and Guts’ but the rest of the song leaves us with so many questions! Why is a fully clothed man just casually hanging out in someone else’s pool? What the hell is the hook line about and did they just quote Mirza and Hitler in the same quote??

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Title: Guns and Guts
Singer: Manpreet Sandhu
Lyrics: Nish Kang
Music: B Sanj


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