Latest Punjabi Song Gurj Sidhu – Adha Pind (Ft. Sukh Sandhu)


Ripple Music Studio present their latest Punjabi song ‘Adha Pind’ by one of the UK’s leading vocalists Gurj Sidhu, the new Punjabi song also features the vocals of Sukh Sandhu, who also provided the lyrics for the song. The video for ‘Adha Pind’ by Gurj Sidhu is provided by TDOT Films.

Sometimes things just happen, and this is very much the case for the song ‘Adha Pind’, what started out as Gurj singing four lines on Instagram then snowballed and gathered momentum something crazy. The fan videos and hype behind just those 4 lines made the camp then think, we need to do this! Sukh Sandhu wrote the track and featured on it and Gurj did his magic and you now have ‘Adha Pind’ – Enjoy!

Check out the video to Adha Pind here by TDOT Films, and check out the Gurj Sidhu Interview with ourselves also



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